Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spotted on the Streets...

 New Yorkers are making bold fashion statements on the streets of Manhattan by embracing eye-catching accessories.

See how four women are giving feminine styles a twist with chunky necklaces, bright clutches and neon belts.
Johnston wants to look trendy but still feel comfortable. "It's hot and these clothes are thin. The sun is out, so I put on a hat," says the 19-year-old.
She settled on a pair of coral shorts to add "a little bit of flavor" and paired it with some of her favorite accessories, including her gold watch.
Despite her hip summer outfit, Johnston, who attends Barry University in Miami, prefers cold-weather fashion.
"Catch me in the wintertime. I have more ideas."
For cooler months, she plays around with big sweaters and furry scarves, which she picks up from stores like Zara, Topshop and ASOS.
Regardless of the temperature, Johnston has one goal: "I always like to look nice."
As a trend forecaster, Hamilton is always on top of the latest fashion news. It's also why she doesn't like to overanalyze her own style.
"For the past six years, I've been so involved in fashion, I try not to think too much about it," she explains.
Instead, Hamilton, 31, gravitates toward pieces that always looks good.
"I tend to wear the same things, like a black tank with shorts or a high-waisted skirt. I'm trying to go more in that direction instead of spending more money on clothing."
That doesn't mean she isn't willing to splurge. Hamilton had her eye on this printed dress for a while and finally bought it on sale, matching it with a bright blue clutch for a nighttime soiree.
"This is my perfect summer bag."

Ashley Isaacs (l.) and Caroline Jones enjoy feminine styles in different ways. (Patty Lee/News)
Isaacs loves vintage store shopping. The 30-year-old stylist, who writes about fashion on her blog Hush Hush Closet, likes to browse vintage shops in her neighborhood.
"It's the thrill, the work that you have to put in, and then finding something no one else has," Isaacs says.
Her best find, however, wasn't from a store, but from her mom's closet. The dress, purple with a low back and high slit, was perfect for Isaacs' girly style.
"I love cute," she says.
To match her striped maxi dress, Isaacs tossed on items in two of her favorite colors: yellow and pink.
"I totally forgot about this belt and I needed a pop, so it worked out perfectly."
Jones sums up her style as ladylike. "I'm very feminine," she says.
"I like to have balance, nothing too over the top. If I have a printed top, I wouldn't have a printed cardigan."
To keep things interesting, Jones, who studies fashion design at Parsons, likes to layer different pieces.
"I enjoy mixing textures and lots of bright colors with simple jewelry," she says.
To play up her boy-cut figure, the 21-year-old uses belts to accentuate her waist and stays comfortable in simple flats.
She also never steps out without bright lips.
"I wear Nars Heat Wave," she says. "That's my signature. I never leave the house without red lipstick.
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This Happened a few hours before I watched the Bill Cunningham documentary.............needless to say I was thrilled!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York...

Bill Cunningham is a street fashion photographer that has an amazing eye for fashion and has a passion for it that doesn't quit.....I got the chance to randomnly go and see this documentary about his life and was left so humbled, inspired, motivated, touched, and litterally in a trance. Its been a very long time that a movie has moved me. The way that this man lives his life in the fashion world is applauding and uncommon!! I can only pray that I will have a chance to ever cross paths with him one day.......only pray!!!